Easy Way to Repair Flood Damaged Soil

These days, unfortunately, floods are a very common thing that is happening everywhere around the world. In many countries, floods are much more common than they were before and they are more extreme. Unlike the floods that were happening twenty years ago, these floods are causing a lot more damage to the property. There have been a lot of research on why the floods are so extreme and common these days, but they still haven’t found the answer because they think that it is caused by a number of reasons.

Flood Damaged Soil
People that live in big cities are not even aware of the floods because the big cities are protected from floods. They have a special drainage system that will keep all the water out of the city. However, people that live in villages and smaller cities are very familiar with the current situation, and they are not happy about it. especially people that are permaculture gardeners. The Regenerative Leadership Institute have put together some useful information about how to deal with floods.


If you are a victim of a flood, the first thing that you need to do is to do nothing. Yes, you heard it right, you have to wait until the soil on your property is dry or at least until all the water from the flood is gone. People make the mistake of using some kind of pumps to pump out the flood water down to the streets. Let the water drain out itself completely when it is done, then you can proceed to the next step.
The process of draining can and will usually last for at least few days if not a week. It will depend on how much water there is and if the ground is capable of absorbing that amount of water. If you see that the flood is still there after a week, then you can try to dig and create channels in the ground that will guide the flood water out of the soil in no time. You should never try to fix the soil before the flood water is drained, you will only create problems. As the water drains, your plants will slowly recover from the flood.

Drain Soil plants

Adding Compost to the Soil

Floods are bad for your soil and plants for two reasons. One being the weight of the water that is pushing in the little plants for several days, and the other is that the flood usually removes all the good nutrients from the soil that plants need in order to grow healthy and fast. Plants will recover after some time from the weight of the water, therefore you don’t need to worry about that. However, you have to add fresh compost to the soil that will keep the plants healthy. Also, the compost will usually help those plants to recover from the flood much faster.

Checking the Plants

When the flood is completely drained, you should check your plants and look for any visible damage. It is very common that some of your plants will be damaged because of the pure weight of the flood water.

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