How to Grow Your Citrus Tree

People use all the times the fruits from the citrus tree. There are a lot of different things that people are using it for such as various salads, cereal, adding flavor to drinks, and for creating desserts. These fruits that come from the citrus tree are full of important vitamins that are necessary for our bodies. The main problem that people have with citrus trees is that they don’t know the proper way to take care of their tree. That is because these trees are usually tropical trees that require a special care and people that don’t know much about them usually are afraid to try growing them.

That is a mistake, people shouldn’t be afraid to grow them, all it takes is a little bit of research and you will be good to go. The regenerative leadership institute has decided to teach you how to grow them and take care of your citrus trees. As you might know, citrus trees need a lot of sunshine because they need to produce the fruits that are full of vitamins. Here is the easiest way to take care of your citrus tree.

Citrus fresh fruits


The position of your citrus tree is extremely important because as mentioned before the citrus tree requires a lot of sunshine. You need to position the tree in a place where it will get at least 5 hours of constant sunshine during the day. Also, if you have a wall that is radiating heat during the day from the sun, you can use it to plant the tree there. That will be very helpful for the tree because these are tropical trees that need heat and the sunshine and the wall can protect these trees from strong winds. If you are living in extremal cold climate, you should consider planting the tree in a container that you can, later on, bring inside your home when the winter season arrives.

Citrus Tree

Soil Type

The best soil type for citrus trees are the ones that have neutral pH. If the pH of your soil is too high, you need to lower it, you can do it by adding organic compost to it. If you have your own compost that will be the best because you know for sure what ingredients are in it. However, if you don’t have your own compost, they when you are buying, try to find the organic one that has livestock manure mixed in it. It has been proven that manure from livestock is extremely good for tropical trees, they tend to thrive better in a soil that has all the nutrients.


Water is extremely important to these citrus trees, they require even more water than any other tree. That is because their fruits are usually very juicy. When you plant your citrus tree, you need to water it at least two times per week for about two months. After that, you can water it once per week. Try watering them early in the morning or late in the evenings to achieve the best results.

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